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Exploring Learning & Fun is open 5 days a week Monday through Friday from the hours of 7:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.  We are a smaller center that focuses on individualized care. This allows us to offer more one-on-one care, attention and close supervision for your little ones!  

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  • Do you offer Full Time and Part Time enrollment?
    Currently we only offer Full Time Enrollment Monday through Friday. You are more than welcome to attend part time, but at the full time rates.
  • Does your center provide catering meals for the children's breakfast, lunch and snacks? "
    At this time we do not offer any catering meal plans. Parents are to provide all meals for thier child's day here at preschool. No peanut or egg products are allowed in the center due to severe allergies some children may have.
  • How do you communicate with Parents and Staff?
    We use an app called Brightwheel that all parents are invited to use! Through this app is the fastest way to communicate throughout the day. It works just like text notifications but only for our enrolled families and staff.
  • What are your ratios of children to staff? What are the classroom sizes?
    * Infant Room: 1:4 twelve infant max in this room with three teachers *Toddler Room: 1:5 nine toddlers total with two teachers *Preschool Room: 1:8 fifteen preschoolers total with three teachers *Pre-K Room: 1:10 fifteeen pre-k students with two teachers
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